Virtual Gathering, June 2021

Apr 19, 2021 | Travel Tips

O’Donovan family members worldwide have been anticipating our in-person Clan Gathering, originally scheduled for June of 2020. We can only hope that with vaccination becoming widespread, our ability to move around the globe and safely engage with its citizens will improve.

As we are all sadly aware, the advent of the global pandemic, Coronavirus, has stymied our O’Donovan plans to travel and gather together in Ireland.

But, how about a

Virtual Gathering?

At the suggestion of Peter Spencer, O’Donovan of Brisbane, we’re proposing a Virtual Clan Gathering online during the week of 6-12 June, 2021.

Not a giant Zoom meeting, but a week of O’Donovan kindred storytelling via various online platforms. Participants can create short (2-3 minute) videos to post on YouTube or Facebook, Powerpoint presentations in PPS format, photo essays or written memoirs (to be posted on this website), More details are posted
here; start now to think about how you’d like to share your story with other O’Donovans!

Click here for more detailed information on how to participate!

Questions or Comments? Post on the Clan O’Donovan Gathering Facebook page.


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