Virtual Gathering Submissions - 2021

Peter Spencer - Queensland, AUS

“I am an O’Donovan via my mother known by the alias of Mary Margaret Maynard, whose father was Thomas Donovan of Clonakilty. Tom was a cousin of Michael Collins, and apparently a key pre-IRA member. He came to Australia in the early 1900s under the alias of Maynard – an identity pinched from a retired Artillery Gunner on the isle of Wight. Mum always insisted the I was an O’Donovan (pronounced with the “DUNAVIN”) through her father and that our family was very ancient. DNA testing has actually shown this to be true – I tested positive to the Ui Fidgente, and also to the Galicians who assimilated with the O’Connells in 200BC.”

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   1953 – 2021 


Sherry Donovan Moser - Las Vegas NV, USA

” I am a “Double O’Donovan”, having O’Donovan connections from my Dad’s mother as well as his father. Dad’s mother’s family is from Drimoleague, West Cork; his father’s from the Newmarket area. My research into the origins of both is ongoing; so far I know my grandmother’s side goes back to around the 1790s. Dad’s family settled in San Francisco, where I grew up. I’m now a resident of Las Vegas.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Ireland on two occasions. As soon as I got off the plane for the first time, I felt like I was home, a sentiment shared by many of the O’Donovan diaspora.

Someday soon we’ll get together as a family in West Cork. I can’t wait to learn how we’re connected, delve deeper into my genealogy, and bond with our far-flung Clan members!

My Virtual Gathering video takes you on a journey through Zion National Park in Utah – enjoy the ride!

The YouTube video tour is here. 

Kathleen Lyons - Cork, Ireland & Cape Cod, MA USA

“My O’Donovan roots spring from my maternal grandmother, Mary Magdalene O’Donovan, an intrepid and determined lady, who emigrated from Goleen, West Cork, to New England in 1906. As a young woman, she lived and worked in Norwich, Connecticut, near family who had made the move before her. Nana’s sister Kate O’Donovan also came to America around the same time, eventually joining the Congregation of St. Joseph of Boston, serving as a Sister for over 60 years. We’ve always kept in touch with our Irish relations, and all through childhood I dreamed of meeting them one day.

I first traveled to Ireland in 1971, working a summer job at the Shannon Airport hotel, traveling the length and breadth of the country and, yes, finally meeting my Irish family. I’m now bi-coastal: winter resident of the USA, summer citizen of Cork!

Here’s a brief glimpse of my Bi-Coastal life, (YouTube) and some beloved O’Donovan faces – Perhaps we’re related!

Rhiannon Spencer - Queensland, AUS

“I’m a nurse here in Queensland, and a proud O’Donovan. In keeping with the 2021 Virtual Gathering theme: “A Snapshot in Time”, I’m taking a walk through Norman Park in my local neighborhood, with my partner, Jared. You might enjoy seeing my favorite garden with its native Australian plants. Hopefully soon enough we will be able to have a physical gathering in Ireland as originally planned!”

Here’s  a video of our Tour on YouTube!



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