The 2023 O’Donovan Family Gathering is now history!

From June 14 through 18, 2023, O’Donovans and Donovans from Ireland and the global Diaspora came together beside Bantry Bay, to celebrate our storied history and noble O’Donovan heritage.

We met and mingled in pubs and at Castle Donovan, traveled the scenic byways of West Cork, and discovered a trove of O’Donovan lore, guided by experts in genealogy, Clan history and┬ástorytelling.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the venues, speakers, entertainers, local advocates and volunteers who made the Gathering such a successful and memorable occasion.

Feedback from 2023 attendees has been enthusiastic and educational. A Clan Trust and future Gatherings are planned to ensure that the O’Donovan legacy remains vibrant and relevant in a changing world.


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